Commercial Loans

Commercial Property Loans

Arranging the correct finance can be a key element to make commercial property acquisition. We help our clients to make the most comprehensive plan to win the deal. Also, we share our insights for our clients to get higher yield and worth value.

AUSUN Finance is a Commercial Property Loans specialist that has brokers with a network of 100 plus lenders including the major banks We have a variety of commercial loan solutions that include;

  • Purchase of retail, industrial, residential and commercial property
  • Construction retail, industrial, residential and commercial property
  • Specialist securities such as child care centers, hotels, motels, caravan parks and petrol stations
  • High LVR where you can borrow up to 85% of the properties value
  • True NO DOC commercial loans up to 65% LVR up to 25 years
  • Credit impaired solutions for those with a poor credit history
  • Lease Doc for investment purchases - no financials just rental income
  • Many more options available
贷款政策放松的预兆 – 绝对的大事件!
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你要在维州买房吗? 你知道房产印花税吗?
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这篇文章会覆盖以下9个点: 1.   如果您想了解如何计算维多利亚印花税, 2.   维多利亚州的印花税的重要事项 3.   购房者的更